CollaborateHK 非常協作 

A New Approach to Community Initiatives


"The need to enhance ways which community-driven initiatives

are delivered and managed has concerned us for quite some time..."




Many concepts to improve life at a neighbourhood level start small. They are often best begun by residents and local interest groups, but hurdles in form of high start-up costs, complex application procedures and a lack of experience often prevent their advocates from putting them into action. However, we believe community projects could deliver great social benefit without great cost or legislative change. It could likely be done by using existing resources, both in terms of property and personnel, more efficiently.


In the past nine months, Very Hong Kong has approached and interviewed stakeholders with different backgrounds and professional knowledge. We have collected their views and shared with them our thoughts on a new model, which we are calling CollaborateHK, to improve the delivery of community initiatives. The proposed CollaborateHK platform will be a non-government, advisory and collaboration platform to facilitate the implementation of community initiatives of different types, scale and time span using vacant or underused sites. In this way, we hope that groups will propose and deliver a growing number of community-driven initiatives, enhancing the well-being of local residents and eventually, the liveability of Hong Kong.



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