Collaborate HK

is the first ever not-for-profit advisory and collaboration platform that fosters and empowers community-driven placemaking projects.

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Proposed and established in 2018, CollaborateHK started as an initiative to unleash the transformational power of pockets of idle spaces, by connecting sectors and assets in our city. To do so, we seek to enable meaningful and sustainable collaborations, catalyze public and cross-disciplinary engagement, and nurture further collective impacts through community empowerment.

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The CollaborateHK model was the outcome of a 9-month stakeholder research and a broad-based Sandbox Charrette hosted by Very Hong Kong.

Throughout our journey of advocating “Creative Utilization of Public Space”, we have been impressed and inspired to see many life-improving placemaking ideas at the neighbourhood level; and at the same time, we are concerned about the many hurdles that hinder their delivery and development.

We are determined to join hands with the community, combat the challenges and bring these communal ideas to life. Together we are promoting “by the community, for the community” projects, improving people’s well-being and sense of belonging.

How we do it

We adopt a collaborative, bottom-up approach to planning and delivery of projects on sites or in buildings available for public use. This covers concept and design, through to approval, implementation, operation and management of the completed projects by the local community.

To empower community members to champion their own neighbourhood improvement initiative, CollaborateHK, through sharing of knowledge and experience, will:

Professional Advice

Liaise with
Government Units

Curate Public

Assist in
Funding Search

Nurture and Build
Community Capacity

Evaluate and Validate

Monitor Project Delivery

With you, we have achieved
m2 land activated
collaborators connected
ideas furthered
*facts and figures based on Sep 2021 data

CollaborateHK is growing our impact by sowing seeds for sustainable, community-led and placemaking projects.

Through various community empowerment events, we strive to nurture place changers who actively bring positive social impact. By developing placemaking tools, resources, and education programmes, we are here to empower and stand with our communities to deliver endless possibilities for our city.

Our People
Board Members
Mrs Margaret BROOKE
Mr. Christopher LAW, JP