It’s about impact, goodness, and making lives better.

CollaborateHK welcomes everyone with an urge to champion, initiate and support bottom-up neighbourhood improvement initiatives by activating vacant land.

As long as the proposals are

Social Beneficial
In preparation for vacant site activation

Audit & Assessment

When you have a Site Activation idea in mind, start with identifying a target site among the list of underutilized space or available government vacant sites at our Land Resource Directory and GeoInfo Map > that best serve the proposed programming. Conduct site visit and inspection to assess the suitability of the site with opportunities and obstacles brought to the proposed project.

  1. What to put on your site visit checklist >
In preparation for vacant site activation


Next, it’s time to draft the initial Site Activation Proposal with insights from initial stakeholder study and organizational capacity assessment to review the potentials and hurdles to project delivery. CollaborateHK shares with you the same passion for creating social values; so it is important to clearly define the project vision and scope that is improving the community’s well being.

  1. Tips to learn about your stakeholders >
  2. Questions to consider in your organizational capacity assessment >
  3. How to develop your initial Site Activation Proposal >
In preparation for vacant site activation

Collaboration & Consultation

Now, let’s get everyone and every piece in place! Get the community involved by curating Public Engagement, and consult professionals to facilitate co-design process. Then, liaise with government bureaux and departments for policy support and explore potential sources of funding. Don’t worry, CollaborateHK will be there to help throughout the whole process.

  1. What is Public Engagement >
  2. Who should I go for professional advice >
  3. Where to look for policy support >
  4. What should I take into consideration when looking for funding >
Upon successful project application


Congratulations, we are almost there! CollaborateHK will provide assistance and consultation in finalising the development plan and selection of service providers. After tendering or procurement process, you can kick-start construction and building works.

  1. Learn more about basic and essential development costs >
Project implementation

Execution and Evaluation

Hurray! Your site is ready for official opening and it’s time to make an impact by actualizing the proposed programs. Meanwhile, share your program progress and outcome to the public by conducting evaluation and impact assessment. And don’t forget to document your Vacant Site Activation journey with CollaborateHK for other practitioners’ reference.

Common Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about a Site Activation journey and how CollaborateHK will assist you through it.

Be the Next Project Champion!

If you have an idea in mind or want to explore any site activation opportunities with our team, simply fill in the "Expression of Interest Form" and email us at