Commonly Asked Questions

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About Collaboration
Will I be charged?
What is my role and responsibility in the Collaboration?
My organization is not a registered NGO or Social Enterprise, can I still start a Collaboration?
Can I skip Public Engagement?
I have submitted the Expression of Interest Form, what will be next?
About Project Idea
Can I initiate a Collaboration for a short-term event instead of a long-term project?
Can I initiate a Collaboration for a socially-beneficial but profit-making project?
About Site Application and Renovation
Can I apply for a site that is not featured on GeoInfo Map STT-VGL list?
How long does the site application take?
How long can I use the land under the STT-GVL scheme?
Is it difficult to secure successful site application?
I am afraid that the condition of the site is too bad and would cost too much to restore. What should I do?
Can I chip in an existing Collaboration?
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