February 5, 2021
VeryHK | "Feasibility Study of Activating Vacant Sites in North District" Report Release
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Thank you to over 120 participants from different walks of life, for joining the event and exploring the possibility of activating vacant sites with us! 

For more details, please download our Full Report and Presentation Slides (only available in Chinese). You may also check out the site photos of 163 Vacant Government Sites in North District here.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hong Kong have long been searching for more suitable and affordable sites to expand their service provision, accommodate the escalating social needs, and to benefit the community as a whole. Aspiring to facilitate the delivery of more socially beneficial community projects, Very Hong Kong started this 2-month research project in early December, 2020 to explore possibilities in activating available government sites in North District. 

Through a series of desktop research and site audits, this research strives to review and analyze 163 “Vacant Government Sites Available for Application for Greening or Government/ Institution/ Community Uses” (“Vacant Government Sites”) in North District.

We welcome everyone to join our online report release event on Feb 5, and together reimagine possibilities of activating vacant sites in North District!

Please refer to Chinese Version for full rundown!