August 21, 2018
Friends of the 30 Houses Neighbourhood | Re-imagining Community Space at Shing Wong Street
Event Recap|Public Engagement|Shing Wong Street

 On Aug 19, taking a step forward from the CollaborateHK Sandbox, Shing Wong team seized their chance to engage the public in the “Community Living Room” scheme. Passionate kai-fongs, local shop-owners and our event co-organizer “Central and Western Concern Group” have come together on the historic steps, to share ideas and aspirations on the community's future development. Through panel displays, guided tours and interactive dialogues on-site, participants have learnt a lot about the local culture and were empowered to voice their thoughts on the proposal and future community development. By incorporating the community aspirations into the pilot scheme, we are hoping to create beloved public spaces for all to enjoy along Shing Wong Street!


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Reimagining Community Space at Shing Wong Street- Brainstorming Session

Event Details
Date: 19.8.2018 (SUN)
Time:15.00 - 18.00
Venue: 17 Shing Wong Street, Sheung Wan
Gathering Time for Guided Tours:15:30, 16:30, 17:30

Located at the heart of historic urban district, Shing Wong Street has humbly witnessed the ups and downs of the neighbourhood for decades. With its recent official listing as of a vacant site available for short-term community use, could this well-loved Street seize its chance to pioneer the integration of a cozy “community living room” that provides enjoyment for all?

On 19th August, you’re cordially invited to join us in an interactive community-based envisioning exercise. The event is an opportunity to share your aspirations and concerns towards Shing Wong Street and related developments. Panels will showcase the unique history and culture of the neighbourhood, and facilitate discussions on how the community can move forward with potential future place-making initiatives. There will also be 3 sessions of free guided tours to lead you through the neighborhood's unique history and design.

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